The Baraka Institute is a project of The Threshold Society (which is legally incorporated as Alif International, a 5013c non-profit).

The Principles behind our incorporation were stated in 1985:
At a time when humanity is reaching a point of cultural convergence, ecological crisis, and rapid social change, we wish to facilitate the experience of Divine unity, love and wisdom in the world.

Our main objectives shall be:

  • to promote the truth of Divine love and knowledge through direct, personal experience,
  • to express and share the essential principles of spiritual development,
  • to recognize and develop a true partnership of man and woman,
  • to recognize the unity and interdependence of all human beings and all life,
  • to aid in the practical realization of living in harmony with our fellow beings and the natural world.

Our principal means shall be:

  • to develop educational programs in spiritual psychology and practice,
  • to sponsor intercultural retreats in various locations around the world,
  • to publish books and periodicals that further the purposes mentioned above,
  • and to facilitate the travel and exchange between cultures of people of wisdom and knowledge.