Since 1995, Mahmoud Mostafa has been devoted to the study and practice of Tassawuf. In the course of his development, he received teachings from Sufi shaikhs in the USA, Turkey, Syria, South Africa, and Egypt and follows the Mevlevi path of Jalaluddin Rumi under the guidance of Shaikh Kabir Helminski. In addition to extensive study of the Quran and Hadith, he has also studied the works of Imam Ali, Rumi, Ibn Arabi, and other Sufi masters. He has facilitated Sufi circles, Quran study groups, and participated in inter-faith dialogues. He has been involved in the translation of several books, including The Book of Hadith, The Mevlevi Wird, The Light of Dawn, and Women of Sufism.

In 2013, Mahmoud was invited to speak at City Circle (a London-based community networking organisation) on the topic of Sufism. For the weekly event coinciding with Valentine’s Day, Mahmoud gave a talk entitled ‘Sufism: What’s Love Got to Do with It?’ This talk gained the largest audience of any City Circle event so far. The follow-up talk in November, entitled ‘The Way of the Sufi’, garnered the second largest audience.

See both talks below: